I have included a few lender suggestions for you to start your exploration with the financial end of your possible home buying journey! While these two ladies are just a small handful of lenders that are available to you as a consumer, these are two gals I can trust will do an exceptional job for my clients. (And have done so many times!) They are both local lenders, which is in this current market a rather important component in your arsenal in becoming a successful buyer. (Local means easier to communicate with, problem solve with, local appraisers and underwriters that are IN house. ) I encourage you to reach out either via their contact information, or on their websites. Both of which you can start the inquiry process online at your convenience! When you do reach out, please make sure that you mention my name so that they know who your support network is on your journey!

Peggy Wilson
Huron Valley Financial
*LOVE* Peggy Wilson. She is very communicative and knows the business inside and out!
Phone: 734-238-3684
Email: Peggy@Peggyloans.com

Kristen Hess
John Adams Mortgage
Kristen Hess is a pretty spunky chic! We have done a few deals together and is on the ball!
Phone: 734-741-1695
Email: khesse@johnadamsmortgage.com

While a lot of times my clients are able to bundle their Home Owners insurance with their current carrier, it may be feasible to save money with a newer company. Or, their old one doesn't have great discounts available to them. The following fellow can do a little digging for you to see if you are currently getting the best deal, or if there is one out there!

Eric Chase
Insurance One
Eric is very engaging, highly responsive, and very easy to talk to!
Phone: 734-662-0174
Email: eric.chase@insone.com

As a seller preparing to sell, or a buying looking to learn about what your soon investing your time and money in-you want to make sure you are educated about the properties condition and what that means for your journey. It's key to choose a contractor/company that is not only knowledgeable, but also communicates the way that you do but still provides information in a professional format. I have several inspectors that I have worked with on many occasions and highly recommend to my clients. Please note that as a buyer, we have a small window to schedule the inspection, have the inspection and then make a decision on the found information. So don't delay!

Tom Carmichael
Fletcher Inspection
I use Tom Carmichael a LOT!
Phone: 734-944-8547

Jon Wilson
John Wilson Inspections
Love his historic home knowledge!!
Phone: 734-972-4567

Ken Baker
Baker Inspections
Ken Baker is great!
Phone: 734-426-4910

I love to nerd out on local historical information! Here area few of my favorite sites!

Milan Historical Society

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Washtenaw Historical Society

Making of Ann Arbor
LOOVVEEEE my maps!

Old Homes
LOTS of great links!

Preservation Directory
More fun links for the Old House Junkies!

Sears Kit Homes
Maybe you live in one! If you do, let me know!!